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For Aquarium maintenance in Houston, Texas. Sting-Ray's has become the go-to company that home and business owners trust for the past 20+ years. We offer affordable solutions for cleaning freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

We include for free many of the things that others charge you extra to provide. We have competitively priced and flexible terms for maintaining any size aquarium.

Aquarium Services Pricing

  • Freshwater aquariums......$0.80 cents per gallon
  • Saltwater aquariums..........$1.00 per gallon

What makes Sting-Ray's aquarium services unique?

We take extra efforts to carefully clean that ordinary looking aquarium turning it into one glistening with crystal clear water, lush plants and healthy fish that thrive and live longer.

Basic Pricing

Aquarium maintenance and cleaning

Instead of the headache of being locked into a long term contract, you will be able to have your fish tank serviced monthly with our low priced monthly aquarium maintenance service agreements.

  • Freshwater aquariums.......minimum ($80 per month*)
  • Saltwater aquariums......... minimum ($80 a month *)
  • Lease on 30 gallon aquariums or smaller $60 per month*
  • (* plus tax)